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S A Chemical Products is a manufacture & marketing concern specialising in Industrial Chemicals.

The company has been operational since 1994, supplying chemical products to various industries.

The Main member is Irving de Beer. With more than 30 years experience in the chemical industry, with occupations ranging from production to sales & marketing management. His expertise and experience is used throughout the organization and is reflected upon his subordinates.

We market our products to the local industries as well as to the global market, exporting top quality South African products. We are rated as a Level 4 BBBEE company.

S A Chemical Products is registered as a Closed Corporation and is wholly owned by its member, with no other subsidiaries or shareholders.
We believe in serving our customers in a professional manner, manufacturing our products in such a way that we do not harm the environment and we fully support transparency.

We believe in job creation and equal chance, keeping in mind the previously disadvantaged.
Our vision is to become market leaders in the chemical industry.

We aim to do this through continuous product improvement and excellent and reliable service.
Our mission here at S A Chemical Products is to manufacture and market quality cleaning and industrial chemical products to all target industries, in the most productive way.

We aim to create and retain market share and growth of our organization through focusing on the development of specialty products, as we see each customer as an individual.

We value the importance of our various stakeholders with special reference to our employees our suppliers and our customers.
All our members have been trained in their respective occupation. This combined with competitive prices and more than 10 years as a rived market contender, gives us a competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.

We are also in the process of obtaining SABS/ISO 9001 status, further reassuring our customers of top quality products.
Our manufacturing plant was designed by our member and owner, through his expertise, hence the fact that he is qualified in the plant construction field as well. This combined with the experience in the chemical industry, has resulted in a most advantageous plant and product design.

We only use the best available raw-materials in manufacturing of our products, as a result quality products at competitive prices.

One of our key strengths is our fluent and highly productive manufacturing system, which results in fast and reliable service.
Our marketing strategy involves creative thinking and strategic decision making. Our main focus is customer satisfaction and retention. Seeing as sales are the heart of our organization, we put great effort into sales and service- which is met with anticipation and a will to succeed.

Our sales representatives are professional and highly trained which results in fast and efficient customer service. We believe in diversity, and hence we have a diverse sales team.

As mentioned we market to the local industries primarily but, also focus on the global market, thus continuously creating jobs and moving forward in the market place.
New product development and testing is conducted by our production manager, who is educated in the field of chemistry.

The more technical testing of products/solutions for the presence of bacteria or unwanted organisms, are developed in a laboratory by a qualified Micro Biologist.
We have developed a vastly effective distribution chain, with strategic partners in place to assure fast and reliable delivery.

There is always a plan B in place for unforeseen events, reassuring our clients of on schedule delivery.
Throughout the organization we have an obsession with quality, the result has been higher quality products and service at lower prices which ensures greater customer satisfaction.

Employee involvement and empowerment, which means employees are engaged in all levels of the thinking processes, is of vital importance to us.

Through continuous training and education we assure that our staff is trained to deliver top quality products and services, keeping the focus on the customer.
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